CreepyPasta House Of Horrors Episode 1 — The Beginning

I don’t really know where to begin…

Over the last few months my life has turned from normal to a living hell. I haven’t eaten or slept in over two days so I could bring you this story..

We have all read real life story’s like Annabelle and the axe house.. you never expect that you would find yourself writing a story of your own while hiding under your bedroom sheets on a Friday stormy night.

the wind is whaling and the rain you can hear bouncing off the roof. The next door neighbours wind chimes that are quite carm during the day, now a horror show during the night chiming with such a thump I’m surprised it hasn’t been ripped off the hook where it hangs..

Anyway here is some backstory

My name is Mathew, I’m 24 years old, I grew up in the centre of the United Kingdom living in a small town in between 3 of the biggest city’s in the country..

I have one son called James that I watch full time as a single parent. He is only 3 years old.. i work from home as a blogger these days. However before Cronavirus, the quarantine and multiple deaths around me in the town I had lived in, I was a warehouse operative working the night shift at a local warehouse.

I’ve always been a bit of a loner.. I stick to myself, I like my space and my independents.. I’ve always wanted to own a farm and a ranch and to live the American dream in the United Kingdom, I spent years Saving the money to achieve this goal.. working as much overtime at my job as humanly possible.. sometimes even taking on another job at Christmas to give my son the best life any little boy could ask for..

I was referred by a friend to a online auction site for a cheaper alternative to buying a property then traditional estate agent that charged excessive fees.. the property list was endless and really exciting however this one property caught my eye more than the rest, it was so cheap I placed an offer with the buyer before it even went to auction.. it only had 3 photos but for the price it was all I needed.. renovation would be cheaper. partly furnished as well making the deal even more so sealed..

Knowing I was going to be so rural. I applied for a shotgun licence before the move.. I really took the American dream seriously and a shotgun is the closest thing I could get to any firearm I was allowed in the United Kingdom..

“The Move Happened”

Just After Covid Hit the United Kingdom with its full might, me and my son James moved to a house in the countryside.. down Wales, three houses feet apart and then nothing for miles.. the house I brought was the biggest house in the middle of the three.

I finally went to look around the property that I had brought months prior

The house is two floors, made of old stone, a very nice wood fire stove to keep the place warm at night, 4 spacious bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.. however tradional gas heating was not available. It feels like traveling 100 years into the past which is perfect..

The outside has a shared garden at the front with a huge several hundred year old tree In the centre with big branch’s that dangles on both sides.. strangely half the tree looked dead with no leafs on the left side. looking out two of the bedroom Windows is a small shared field nearby with a scarecrow to scare off the crows that have plagued the area for years

“Partly furnished”

The dining room was fully furnished when we moved in having already a solid oak chair and table the previous owners had left.. it also had a mirror that was covered in a white tarp which hangs on the wall..

One of the bedrooms had a built in closet, inside was a set of old stuff animals, a mysterious shaped box and a small storage bag that had several USB flash drives inside..

You see..

Growing up I was told as long as there’s a roof over your head and food in the cupboards you had all you needed to survive..

However I always wanted to move to a more rural area.. less noise and light was a must I thought.. I often awoke to loud traffic with car horns.. when it wasn’t the traffic it was street lamps with lights so bright I was blinded.. I always wanted to look up and gaze at the stars but the street lamps caused to much light pollution

“After moving in”

Electricity was good, even had WiFi, however I did not get any cell phone service for at least 20 miles.. thank god for modern technology Making WiFi calls possible.

I very quickly learnt Food that you don’t grow yourself Is hard to come by in the outback of wales.. the nearest convenience shop is just over 40 miles away so doing a monthly shop is a must for survival.



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